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Self-gifting is a fantastic component of self-care. It allows you to prioritize yourself, indulge in your desires, and show appreciation for your accomplishments. According to an article by Cornell University, self-gifting has been proven to combat stress and boost well-being. It is a way to reward yourself and keep your motivation going. If you’re unsure about self-gifting, our linked guide will help you decide if it’s the right time for you. Once you decide to indulge, finding the perfect gift is essential. We can help here with another linked guide! But to make your self-gifting experience truly unforgettable, we have prepared this guide with our top tips on how to elevate the whole self-gifting experience.

1.Have someone else pick a gift for you

Let someone Else Pick Your Gift - section image

The element of surprise is often the best part of receiving a gift. One common complaint with self-gifting is that it lacks the excitement of someone else choosing a gift for you. So why not have someone else pick a gift for you?

There are several ways to approach this. You could ask a friend or relative to select a gift within a specific budget and share the link with you. Not only does this add an element of surprise, but it also allows you to experience the joy of receiving a gift chosen by someone who knows you well.

Another option is to try our free gift suggestion service. Simply fill in our gift questionnaire, detailing your preferences, interests, and budget. Our team of experts will then deliver hand-picked gift suggestions straight to your inbox! You can rest assured that these suggestions will blow you away, making the experience truly special.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to have even more of a surprise, you can order a Mystery Box from Mystery Box Shop. They will send you a box full of goodies, and you won’t have a clue what’s inside until you open it! This adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your self-gifting experience.

2.Grab yourself a subscription-based gift

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Subscription-based gifts are a fantastic way to revamp your self-gifting experience. They offer the joy of receiving multiple surprises over time, extending the pleasure beyond a single gift. The beauty of subscription-based gifts is that there is a subscription for almost everything nowadays.

Whether you’re into beauty products, gourmet snacks, books, or even plants, there’s a subscription service out there for you. By signing up for a subscription-based gift, you ensure that the self-gifting experience continues throughout the specifies time period.

To make the most of subscription-based gifts, consider signing up for a pre-paid gift subscription. Most services offer this option, allowing you to determine the number of deliveries in advance. This way, you won’t have to remember to cancel manually, and you can enjoy the surprise of receiving a gift on a regular basis. Gift subscriptions often come with beautifully wrapped boxes, adding an additional touch of excitement and making your self-gifting really special.

Additionally, gift subscriptions replicate the feeling of anticipation you get when awaiting a gift from someone else. You can schedule the deliveries to coincide with milestones or special occasions, creating a sense of reward and celebration. For example, you could have a gift delivered on the last day of your exam season to reward yourself for successfully completing it.

3.Make time to celebrate the gift

Take time to celebrate your gift section image

To fully immerse yourself in the self-gifting experience, it’s important to make time to enjoy the gift on the day you receive it. By doing so, you ensure that you get the full experience and derive maximum satisfaction from your gift.

For instance, if you gifted yourself a set of high-quality tea, dedicate time after work to brew the tea to perfection. Find a cosy spot, light a candle, and watch your favourite show while sipping your tea. This moment of relaxation and indulgence allows you to fully appreciate the gift and the experience it brings.

If you purchased a new board game, invite friends over to play and enjoy a joyful atmosphere with snacks, banter and laughter. Making an event out of your gift not only enhances the experience, but also allows you to share the experience with loved ones and create lasting memories.

The key is to take the time to truly celebrate your gift and savour the experience. It’s about more than just acquiring an item; it’s about creating a special moment for yourself that brings joy, relaxation, and a sense of fulfilment.


Self-gifting is a powerful act of self-care and appreciation. It allows you to prioritize your own needs and indulge in moments of joy and reward. By following our tips, you can make your self-gifting experience truly special. Whether it’s involving someone else in the gift selection, opting for subscription-based gifts, or taking the time to celebrate the gift, each step adds a layer of excitement and anticipation.

Embrace the concept of self-gifting, and treat yourself to something truly special. You deserve it! Remember, self-care and self-appreciation are essential for your well-being and happiness. So go ahead, make your self-gifting experience extraordinary and let it be a reminder of your worth and the value you place on self-love.


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