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How to gift a candle guide

Candles make for thoughtful and versatile gifts, capable of evoking relaxation, ambiance, and sentimentality. With a plethora of scents, sizes, and designs available, selecting the perfect candle for a gift can feel overwhelming. To help you navigate through the options and ensure your gift is well-received, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on how to buy the perfect candle for any occasion.


1. Consider the Recipient

Before selecting a candle, take a moment to consider the recipient’s preferences, personality, and lifestyle. Reflect on their favourite scents, home decor style, and the ambiance they typically enjoy. Tailoring the candle to their unique taste shows that you’ve put thought into their gift.


2. Determine the Purpose

Candles serve various purposes, from creating a relaxing atmosphere to adding elegance to a space. Consider the occasion or purpose for the gift. Is it for a birthday, a romantic gesture, or a housewarming? Different scents and styles can evoke specific moods or enhance certain experiences. For example, lavender or chamomile scents promote relaxation, while citrus or invigorating scents are great for energizing spaces.


3. Explore Fragrance Families

Fragrances can be classified into various families, such as festive, floral, fruity, woody, or gourmand. Understanding these categories can help you narrow down the options. If you know the recipient’s preferred scent family, you can explore candles within that range. Alternatively, opt for universally appealing scents like vanilla, lavender, or subtle blends that are less likely to overpower or clash with other fragrances in their space.

Our favourite scented candle is the Woodwick Large Hourglass Scented Candle in the scent Cinnamon Chai. With its crackling wick and a burn time of up to 180 hours, this candle creates a warm and cosy ambiance that envelops any space.

Woodwick Cinnamon Chai Large Jar

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Alternatively, for a more subtle-scent why not indulge in the Woodwick Warm Wool scented candle, featuring dreamy scents of warm wool and wild flowers. This exquisite candle adds the perfect finishing touch to any room, creating an atmosphere of comfort and serenity.

Woodwick Warm Wool Jar

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4. Scent-Free Options for Alluring Decor

For those with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances, decorative candles are a captivating alternative to scented varieties. These candles transform into works of art, elevating the aesthetics of any space and curating the ideal ambiance for every room. From enchanting centrepieces that effortlessly command attention on dining tables to graceful accents adorning bookcases, coffee tables, and mantelpieces, decorative candles infuse the entire space with an irresistible charm that lingers long after they have been extinguished. Embrace the transformative power of decorative candles—a thoughtful gift option that enhances your living environment without compromising on fragrance sensitivities or allergies. Our favourite is the trendy La Mini Collection, unscented.

Shop Caiyu La Mini Collection

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5. Quality Matters – Exploring Types of Wax, Wicks, and Burn Time

Investing in a high-quality candle ensures a better fragrance throw, longer burn time, and safer usage. Consider the wax used in the candle. Natural waxes, such as soy or beeswax, are wise choices as they offer numerous benefits. They burn cleaner, producing less soot and pollutants, and have a lower environmental impact. In contrast, paraffin wax derived from petroleum can release toxic chemicals like toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde when burned. Opt for lead-free wicks to ensure a safer candle-burning experience, protecting both you and the environment. Reputable candle brands are synonymous with superior craftsmanship and scent quality, using the finest ingredients to create exquisite fragrances that fill the room with a delightful aroma. When selecting a candle, prioritize brands that use non-toxic ingredients and sustainable practices to promote well-being and environmental consciousness.


6. Consider the Presentation

Candle aesthetics play a significant role in the overall gift experience. Examine the candle’s container or packaging for elegance and visual appeal. Decorative jars, unique shapes, or artistic designs can make the candle a decorative element in any room. If unsure about the recipient’s decor style, opt for classic and neutral designs that seamlessly blend into various environments or try to match the colour palette of their home.


7. Read Reviews

Before making a final decision, take the time to read reviews or testimonials about the candle you’re considering. Reviews provide insights into fragrance intensity, burn quality, and overall customer satisfaction. They can help you gauge if the candle aligns with your expectations and the recipient’s preferences.


8. Still not sure?

Why not embrace the creativity and personal touch by opting for a captivating candle making kit? With this thoughtful gift, the recipient can enjoy the experience of crafting their very own candle, shaping it to their desired aesthetic and selecting from a range of delightful scents that suit their unique preferences. It’s a truly immersive and rewarding activity that allows them to infuse their personality into every aspect of the candle-making process.

Sculpd kit

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Alternatively, if you prefer a hassle-free approach, let our expert team assist you in finding the perfect candle tailored to your recipient’s needs. Simply fill out our gift questionnaire, sit back, and relax while we curate a selection of candles that align with their preferences, ensuring a truly thoughtful and customized gift that will be cherished and enjoyed. It’s a convenient and personalized way to show your loved ones how much you care.

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